A Dog’s World — Introduction to Factory Tails Short Stories



An Introduction to A Dog’s World short stories from “Factory Tails”
by Barbara Anne Helberg

What If Dogs Ruled the World and Humans Were Extinct?

It’s a dog’s world in 3050.

The Japanese mainland, Europe, and Asia, and the North American dictatorship, America, are all that remain of the nations of the last millennium. All other land masses except the old Canadian Empire have succumbed to the wiles of the oceans and are submerged and uninhabitable.

Only dogs remain on the lands.

The old Canadian Empire has become the New Siberia. It is desolate and cold, mutilated by the last wars of the Homo sapiens. Canines that prove too troublesome are banned to New Siberia. Some warring types, the disenchanted, and many old dogs choose to reside there as a way to avoid the dictatorial arm of The Big Blackie.

The Japanese canine biscuit outlet, called The Sohoe, has crashed through the American Big Blackie dog biscuit market. The Sohoe already leads the rest of the world in biscuit and canine food production. Slowly, the Japanese dogs have created their own powerful and competitive food system and are ready to take advantage of the American Big Blackie isolationist policy adopted by The Big Blackie regime.

There is no American industry except Big Blackie industry. The largest plant in the land is Big Blackie Biscuits and Specialty Items of Northwest Ohio, Inc. President of the Big Blackie Management Team Five Board is Russell, the Northwest Ohio plant manager. He has become dictator, lord and master of the land. The Board has elected him president by acclamation over and over again. Russell’s word is the final one. All laws and regulations begin and end at his board chair.


Corndogs, or farm dogs and their families, have recognized Russell for the unrelenting dictator he has become and are trying to unite to curb Russell’s “lawful” antics. Corndogs must pass elaborate screening to become employed at any small Big Blackie carry-outlet, and they are regularly turned away from the major plants where benefits exist for the Breed workers. Big Blackie may choose any reason, referred to as “cause”, to backup this discrimination.

The Big Blackie Management Team Five Board, comprised of executives from the five big factory production areas of Texas, Utah, Ohio, New York, and South Carolina, holds the American canines in check. Big Blackie feeds, employs, and controls a country gone to the dogs through its management.

And all the while, Corndogs struggle to raise enough food on barren lands to feed their families and battle to enter the Big Blackie lucrative production market and retirement centers.


(NOTE from the author — “Factory Tails”, the source for A Dog’s World short stories, is a self-published novelette from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg, from her “Novels In A Nutshell” series.)

*** Credit:
The Story Introduction, all Artwork, and Prism Photo in this post are from the personal and copyrighted collection of Barbara Anne Helberg



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